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Ocean Calming Kit

My Calm Corner Calming Kits are a fun and useful tool for assisting children with their big emotions and helping them to learn self-regulation. Calming jars are a mess free sensory alternative for children who enjoy experimenting with sound, texture and colour. Our Calming Kits are a mindful way to encourage your little ones to be in control of their play through creating their own Calming Jars.

Why we love Calming Kits:

Calming Jars are a proven mindfulness tool and a wonderful visual aid that can help children who are feeling big emotions. When using a Calming Jar, children are able to focus their attention on what is happening inside the far, slow their breathing and feel more in control of how their body is feeling. Children are encouraged to make their own Calming Jar, using glitter and glitter glue, make and watch their water beads grow, and use figurines to create their perfect play scene. When using our Calming Kits, children are encouraged to develop their self-regulation, their focus and concentration, fine motor skills and their creativity and imagination. It can also be a helpful tool for helping a child to communicate how they are feeling verbally and non-verbally.

What’s Included?

  • 1 plastic mason jar
  • Ocean themed bag of pom poms and other craft materials
  • 1 vial of glitter
  • 1 tube of non-toxic glitter glue
  • 2 ocean animal figurines 
  • 1 pack of non-toxic water beads

Instructions and information card also included.

More Information:

Our Kits include figurines and craft resources that are handpicked, no two kits will be the same. While glitter glue is non-toxic, it is not meant for consumption. Parental supervision is required at all times. These kits are not suitable for children under the age of 3. Small pieces included.

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